V. Samuel Raj

Director, Professor and Dean

Headshot of V. Samuel Raj

Prof. V. Samuel Raj is working as the Director of the Centre for Drug Design Discovery & Development (C4D) and Professor of Microbiology & Biotechnology and Dean (Academic Affairs) at SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Haryana, India. He has established the C4D at SRM University in 2014 with ten years of R&D experience from two major Pharmaceutical giants Ranbaxy and Daiichi Sankyo and fifteen years international & national research experience in the area of infectious diseases. He has a special interest in drug discovery against neglected diseases (TB, Leishmaniasis, malaria and Dengue) and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). To achieve this goal, he has initiated the international collaboration between the academics and industries to discover new drugs against infectious diseases. The drug discovery project against TB is at the preclinical level in collaboration with John Hopkins University, Baltimore and University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. He has organized two International Conferences on AMR. In the second International Conference, Prof. Ada Yonath (Nobel Laureate, Israel) and Professors Sir Tom Blundell & Simon Croft from UK delivered the keynote address. He has published many publications on AMR and drug discovery in the peer reviewed journals.