Maynard Schaus

Associate Provost and Professor of Biology at Virginia Wesleyan University

Headshot of Maynard Schaus

Dr. Maynard Schaus is associate provost and professor of biology at Virginia Wesleyan University. He earned his Ph.D. in zoology from Miami University (Ohio), researching the role of fish in lake nutrient cycles. He and his students have investigated a variety of ecological topics including the effects of a large-scale fish removal on Florida lake nutrient cycles, the impact of green roofs on storm water runoff, the impacts of urbanization on salt marsh bird communities and the ecology of neotropical harvestmen (daddy long legs).

Schaus served on the design committee for Virginia Wesleyan’s LEED Gold certified Greer Environmental Sciences Center. In his 20 years at Virginia Wesleyan, he has taught a variety of ecological courses including general ecology; principles of biology; ornithology; topics in tropical biology; and humans, the environment and sustainability. He has also previously served as director of undergraduate research and chair of the division of natural sciences and mathematics.

As associate provost, Schaus currently oversees the academic component of Virginia Wesleyan’s online program, where he manages program and course development. In this role, he has sought strategic ways to build programs sequentially over several years, promoting faculty buy-in and expertise with online learning. He has also sought ways to efficiently develop online programs by emphasizing courses that contribute to more than one major and/or fulfill both major and general education requirements.